GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. This is a Docker container for Firefox. The GUI of the application is accessed through a modern web browser no installation or configuration needed on client side or via any VNC client. Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation. NOTE : The Docker command provided in this quick start is given as an example and parameters should be adjusted to your need.

To customize some properties of the container, the following environment variables can be passed via the -e parameter one for each variable.

The following table describes data volumes used by the container. The mappings are set via the -v parameter. Here is the list of ports used by the container. They can be mapped to the host via the -p parameter one per port mapping. The port number inside the container cannot be changed, but you are free to use any port on the host side. As seen, environment variables, volume mappings and port mappings are specified while creating the container.

The following steps describe the method used to add, remove or update parameter s of an existing container. The generic idea is to destroy and re-create the container:. Here is an example of a docker-compose. Make sure to adjust according to your needs. Note that only mandatory network ports are part of the example. If the system on which the container runs doesn't provide a way to easily update the Docker image, the following steps can be followed:.

When using data volumes -v flagspermissions issues can occur between the host and the container. For example, the user within the container may not exists on the host. This could prevent the host from properly accessing files and folders on the shared volume. To find the right IDs to use, issue the following command on the host, with the user owning the data volume on the host:. The value of uid user ID and gid group ID are the ones that you should be given the container.Synology Forum We've moved!

Head over to Synology Community community. Skip to content. Quick links. Install an Internet browser on the Synology Questions and mods regarding system management may go here. Forum rules We've moved! Search Advanced search. What I want to achieve is bypassing my company filter restrictions which are very strict aznd block a lot of legitoimate websites.

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I can connect to my Syno from home and was hoping to find a way to install a browser on it so I could browse the Net from my Syno. Any idea if this is possible or has been done yet? Thanks and have a nice day. I can explain how to implement either if it answers your needs. Apply Method 3 here to turn on sshd. You now also have SSH access to a proxy server on port 22 of your Diskstation. If you are going to make it available to the outside world, I advise you have your router port-forward a high numbered port not typically scanned to port 22 on the Diskstation To use it, you must establish a tunnel to it: Choose a high-numbered port you don't otherwise use.

We'll call it [yourProxyPort ]. Execute this script whenever you want to get to the DS. You can put an alias to it on your Desktop or drag it to the right side of your Dock. On a remote Windows PC, use putty to do the same thing as above.

Everything else goes through the tunnel. Don't forget to go into the URL about:config in Firefox and set network. Besides all your off-site web surfing going through the DS, you can also use that browser pointed to the DS's local network address i. As you mention, port forward a high portnumber to port 22?

Vulnerability assessors seldom bother to scan that high. Use different high numbered ports so you can keep track of them. Then you're setting up Firefox to use the tunnel as a Socks 5 proxy For all practical purposes, it's now inside your router, and you can use the private IP of the DiskStation in the Firefox URL field to get to it with the browser.

XXX Any Internet browsing you do comes from the DS, and it appears to the websites you visit you're coming from home instead of from work. As quietsy mentioned above, it's a little slow because it's limited to the upload speed of your internet connection at home, which is typically much lower than the download speed.

But I can't figure out how to configure Firefox to use my "proxy".

Synology - MailPlus

I've tried to follow your instructions but Firefox still can't connect to it. EDIT: Got it to work! Thanks alot. EDIT 2: Just curious, how will this traffic be visible in trafficlogs at work for example? I guess visited websites won't be visible? The log will show a connection from your computer's IP address, whatever port to the DDNS IP address of your of your home internet, high port number you chose [will probably look strange to them].

If your company does packet inspection, it will show up as SSH. The traffic is encrypted, so the websites you surf won't be visible.You can use Firefox Sync Server to synchronize your bookmarks, passwords, settings, history, add-ons and tabs with Firefox on other computers. Firefox Sync Server 1. During installation, the wizard will ask you to enter the MySQL root password and a user password.

In the next step, a public URL will be asked. This will usually take the form of a domain name, e. SSL is currently not directly supported by the package due to technical limitations. A reverse proxy, such as HAProxy available as a package from SynoCommunity can be used to secure data transfer. Note: for DSM 6. Change services. If you have the internal firewall of your Synology enabled, allow port Your browser will store error logs.

These are accessible via about:sync-log.

install firefox on synology

You might need to restart your client after changing the configured values. Skip to content. Intro You can use Firefox Sync Server to synchronize your bookmarks, passwords, settings, history, add-ons and tabs with Firefox on other computers.

Synology package installation During installation, the wizard will ask you to enter the MySQL root password and a user password. The old preference name is still supported but will be reset when the user signs out from Sync. Open the menu in Firefox, and click Sign in to Sync. Follow the instructions to create a Firefox account, and select which items you want to sync. Additional clients can be configured by first changing services.

We start with the following assumptions: The Sync service is run on portas default. You want the service to be available internally and externally via the domain name sync. You want the service to be available internally and externally over the same port. Because is not available, in this example, port will be used. HAProxy changes Add a new backend: name ffsyncserver sync localhost check Add a new frontend: name syncdefault backend ffsync and copy the binds and options content from the https frontend.

Change the port to Note that this step is needed if you want to be able to access the sync service on the same port internally and externally with an otherwise default setup of HAProxy.

Otherwise, you may use the https frontend, which runs on port internally. Restart the Firefox Sync package. The service should now be available internally. Firefox Browser changes Change services. Pages You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Why use your NAS to download files? Rather than leave your PC running to complete a simple download or dozens of downloads for that matter you can, instead, offload the task to your NAS and retrieve the files later.

Even better, you can set a schedule so that large files download in the middle of the night—perfect for keeping your connection free and speedy during your waking hours. The secret sauce in our download scheduling routine is the free and official download management application from Synology, Download Station.

Simply repeat the process with as many files as you wish, and your Synology NAS will chug along, downloading all of them. There are two scheduling layers available to you via the Download Station settings.

You can schedule periods of zero downloading activity and you can set time-based restrictions on BitTorrent traffic. To modifidy both schedules, you simply click on the Settings icon in the Disk Station interface, located in the lower left corner. Now your existing and future downloads will, when added outside of the active hours, display a download icon with a clock, as seen below.

install firefox on synology

Thanks to the simple interface of Download Station, you can offload your downloading activity to your Synology NAS so you can turn off your computer, game on it, update it, or otherwise not worry about leaving it on to churn through a download queue.

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Want to know more?Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. On the first launch, you will be presented with a wizard which will be telling the package where we want to store the Virtual Machines we create. And after a short wait, our system image will be created.

Now we can configure all the specs for our Virtual Machine. The first thing we want to do is give it a Name, any name you want, next in line is the amount of CPU cores we want to use. You should see it come up in the list. After a short moment the software will be instaled. Could you do everything by yourself? Did you had any problems during the tutorial? Have any suggestion? Then leave a comment below. Question 1 year ago on Step 7.

Is their a way to provide access to synology's usb ports in ubuntu? I did everything as in the tutorial, but at the end, it's impossible to install qemu-agent, or even access to the network. In terminal, after typing my password, it's written "impossible to find the package qemu-guest-agent". And when I launch firefox for instance, no network connection. In the network setting, no IPv4 is set, and even if I try to enter a new one manually, I've got an error. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

More by the author:. About: I'm a YouTube Maker and Creator who loves to find ways outside of the box to create and use things. My primary mission is to teach what I have learnt in the simplest way possible to all human kind. Follow me Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project?

Share it with us! I Made It! NickS Question 1 year ago on Step 7.This article explains how to download and install Firefox on Windows using a simplified online installer. Advanced users : see the For advanced users section at the end of the article. Before installing Firefox, see the Firefox System Requirements to make sure that your computer has the required operating system and recommended hardware.

Ubuntu Virtual Machine in a Synology NAS

Do not install Firefox using a limited Windows XP account. For more information, see Microsoft's support article How to determine your user account type in Windows. The Download Now button on the Firefox download page provides a streamlined online installer that automatically installs a suitable Firefox version for your operating system. For example, on bit Windows, the installer is for the bit version of Firefox details here.

Use the Download in another language link to choose your own language. Options available in the full, offline installer are described in the article, Custom installation of Firefox on Windows. Grow and share your expertise with others. Answer questions and improve our knowledge base. Firefox installations on Windows have been simplified with the online Firefox Installer.

This streamlined installer removed the Options page which Search Support Search.

install firefox on synology

Home Firefox Download, install and migration How to download and install Firefox This article only applies to Windows. Note : The Firefox Installer may contain an Update or Re-install button and an option to restore default settings and remove add-ons, if a very outdated Firefox version or very old profile data is detected.

Clear the checkbox to keep the old data and click Update or Re-install to start the installation. Congratulations, you are done installing Firefox! Double-click on the Mozilla Firefox icon whenever you want to go online. Was this article helpful? Volunteer Grow and share your expertise with others. Learn More. Custom installation of Firefox on Windows Firefox installations on Windows have been simplified with the online Firefox Installer.Moreover, it can stream videos to various devices — computers, smartphones, media players, and TVs — to provide you with non-stop, fun watching experience.

Have non-stop fun watching videos through computers, mobile devices, and digital TVs. DS video is available for iOS and Android users, for free. You can download the apps through App Store or Google Play. With this package, you can stream videos directly to DLNA devices in the same local network, without installing any app or device on them. Video Station. Live Demo Software Specs Applied models. Watch Everywhere Have non-stop fun watching videos through computers, mobile devices, and digital TVs.

On TVs. On computers. On the go. Get Posters, Subtitles, and More Enrich your video collection with posters, subtitles, and further video details.

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Find more videos similar in genres, release dates, and other attributes. Media Server. Learn more.

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