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poster on equality for all

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poster on equality for all

Smash Fascism Poster. By Go-Postal. Tags: womens march, washington, womens march on washington, tolerance, acceptance, anti trump, not my president, no sexism, no racism, no homophobia, no xenophobia, no bigotry, protest.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver our wide range of therapeutic activities in-house. We offer therapeutic cycling sessions by utilising safe, rural spaces, bringing people closer to nature.

Our equine therapy project has proven to be a successful holistic activity with numerous benefits. Our music workshops are suitable for complete beginners and those with previous experience. The workshops are taught by trained facilitators with a wealth of industry experience.

Our art workshops unlock social and economic potential whilst improving emotional health and wellbeing. We provide participants with the opportunity to feel inspired.

Our therapeutic make-up sessions and tutorials are facilitated by a qualified make-up artist. The pamper sessions are delivered by our qualified aromatherapist. As a social enterprise we need your help to be able to provide much needed support services; we can't do it all on our own.

If you would like to help in any way you can follow one of the links below to find out more. I have tried to engage with community based projects before but found that they were not the right fit for me.

I have found EFA to be engaging, understanding and supportive through a very difficult period in my life, assisting me with managing my thoughts and feelings.

Can we achieve equality for all?

Most importantly, they have taken the time to listen and to get to know ME, tailoring the weekly therapeutic activities to my own personal preferences. I feel my self-esteem is gradually improving as a result and I am now feeling more hopeful for my future. I think the range of services EFA provide are brilliant. I have a much more positive outlook since I became a client here.

My sessions include gym and personal training sessions, mindfulness, pamper sessions and social inclusion. I feel much better about myself after a session. I have been attending equine therapy sessions with Equality For All for a few weeks now. I love all animals, especially horses, so I was really excited to find out that I could visit them every week and learn all about how to look after them.

I look forward to going to the stables to groom and talk to the horses. When I go home after my sessions, I feel really happy and calm. We had a meeting to discuss exactly what I wanted to spend my funding on and they made it happen. I am a very creative person so EFA arranged for a variety of arts and crafts sessions.

I have learnt many new skills and am so proud of what I have been able to personally create through coming to these sessions. I now hope to work towards starting my own business selling my creations. My mum arranged for me to come to EFA to do some sessions in the gym. I wanted to lose weight and be healthier. I tried to go to the big gym near my house before but I found it quite scary as there were a lot of people and it was very noisy.

Support Us

I was a bit worried that it would be the same at EFA but they really put my mind at ease and explained that I could do one-to-one sessions and maybe build up to being in a small group when I felt ready.We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Notice. Over the past half-century, globalization has narrowed the gap between rich and poor in the world as a whole. But the gap between rich and poor within Western democracies has widened, posing serious risks to the hard-fought gains of social and democratic reform movements over the past years.

Last month, I was invited to speak at the York Festival of Ideasan annual forum for debating alternative, predominantly progressive policy goals. I talked about my work on asset-price stabilization. Andy Wood of the consultancy Grant Thornton spoke about inclusiveness in business, Neil McInroy of the Center for Local and Economic Strategies discussed local organizing, and Ander Etxeberria of the Mondragon Corporation told us about their employee-owned cooperatives in the Basque Country. Few on the left or the right nowadays would actively advocate inequality for all.

Rather, the divide is between conservatives who promote equality of opportunity and progressives who promote equality of outcomes. This is an important distinction. But whatever your definition of equality, the bigger question is how best to achieve it. After World War II, the world adopted the Bretton Woods systemwhereby countries maintained fixed exchange rates against the dollar, and capital was largely immobile at the international level.

When tourists from the United Kingdom traveled to France, Italy, or Spain, they faced restrictions on how many francs, lire, or pesetas they could buy; and international investment was constrained by a pervasive system of capital controls.

With the breakdown of the Bretton Woods system inthe world embarked on a bold new adventure in globalization. The result was a massive reduction in global inequality, as capital flowed to places where wage levels were a tiny fraction of those in Western democracies. Economic theory predicts that when two countries engage in trade, both will emerge better off.

But it does not tell us that every inhabitant of those two countries will be better off. On the contrary, it predicts that globalization will generate winners and losers, and decades of experience have borne that out. The liberalization of international capital markets has been unequivocally good for million unskilled Chinese workers. It has been unequivocally good for Westerners who derive their income primarily from renting their physical and intellectual capital to the highest bidder.

But for Westerners whose primary source of income is the sale of their unskilled labor to the marketplace, the era of globalization has coincided with decades of wage stagnation. Though the nation-state is not a perfect institution, it has provided Western social-democratic parties with the tools to improve living conditions for their fellow citizens.

Western democracies did not always provide pensions and health care to their citizens. Laws governing working conditions, prohibiting child labor, providing free education, and granting universal suffrage to all adult men and women did not emerge from nowhere. They were the results of reform movements and political conflict — often violent — over the course of years.

And Justice for All Posters (Guidance and Translations)

The post-Bretton Woods liberalization of capital controls, in the absence of equivalent protections for workers, led to predictable results. Labor unions that had long protected the rights of workers in Western countries lost their bargaining power, and with it the ability to negotiate for more humane working conditions and higher wages at home.

When opinion-makers in Western democracies promote the free international movement of capital, one could say that they are advancing the cause of global equality by raising the wages of workers in developing countries.

But, of course, Western elites also benefit from higher salaries and increased profits when intellectual and physical capital flows to low-wage countries with weaker labor protections. When they promote globalization as a universal leveler, they are generally not thinking about the welfare of unskilled Chinese workers so much as their own self-interest.

If Westerners benefit from less expensive Chinese-made cell phones and consumer electronics and South Korean-made automobiles, then so much the better. But while globalization has narrowed the gap between rich and poor countries, the gap between the rich and the poor within Western democracies has widened, owing to stagnant growth in median income. Economists disagree about the causes of this divergence.

Part of it is likely due to new technologies that increasingly replace workers who carry out repetitive tasks.Our country derives much of its strength from its core value as a land of opportunity.

But, today, economic mobility is actually greater in a number of other countries. Despite this challenge, we know how to work toward the solution: access to a world-class education can help to ensure that all children in this country with dreams and determination can reach their potential and succeed.

Yet, far too many students, especially in underserved groups and communities, lack robust access to the core elements of a quality education. That includes free, quality preschool ; high, challenging standards and engaging teaching and leadership in a safe, supportive, and well-resourced school; and an affordable, high-quality college degree.

The challenge of ensuring educational equity is formidable. Structural barriers, including inequitable funding systemsimpede our progress. While one might expect schools in low-income communities to receive extra resources, the reverse is often true; a Department of Education study found that 45 percent of high-poverty schools received less state and local funding than was typical for other schools in their district.

We also know that traditionally underserved students, including minorities and low-income students, attend and complete college at far lower rates than their peers. These students are suspended, expelled, and drop out at higher rates, and are less likely to have access to strong teachers and challenging curricula.

As just one striking example, a recent study of the Advanced Placement exam in computer science found that in 11 states, no African-American students took the exam; in eight states, no Hispanic students participated. Recognizing these disparitiesthe Obama Administration is committed to advancing equity in education. That commitment underlies nearly every significant activity for the U.

Department of Education.

poster on equality for all

We're motivated in this work because we recognize the power of education to transform lives. Over the last seven years, the Obama Administration has fought to improve outcomes for underserved students through its major education initiatives by supporting states in their efforts to ensure quality teaching in every classroom; raise standards for all students; build systems to improve instruction; and significantly improve low-performing schools.

poster on equality for all

These aims also underlie foundational formula grant programs, such as those funded through Title I and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEAas well as competitive programs developed by this Administration, including Promise Neighborhoodsand Investing in Innovation. The new Every Student Succeeds Act builds on many priorities of this Administration and includes provisions that will help to ensure success for students and schools. Additionally, the President's Ladders of Opportunity and Promise Zones initiatives aim to make rapid, positive change in communities of concentrated poverty.

Item# WED3 Women's Equality Day Equality for All Poster.(GSA)

And, inthe Administration provided first-time funding for Native Youth Community Projects to help Native-American and Alaska-Native communities identify and overcome key barriers to improving educational and life outcomes for Native youth. Funds that support low-income and disabled students including Pell Grantswhich help families to afford college make up about three-quarters of the funds that the Department distributes. Many of the Department's core activities, such as the enforcement of civil rights laws and regulationsalso directly aim to improve equity.

InThe Departments of Education and Justicereleased a first-ever package of guidance and resource materials intended to ensure greater equity in schools by helping districts and educators to address the overuse of exclusionary discipline and disproportionate discipline rates for students of color and students with disabilities.

In Julythe White House supported this effort by hosting teams of superintendents, principals, and teachers from across the country at a groundbreaking conference to advance the national conversation on positive school climates. The budget continues to support expanded educational opportunity for all students in three key areas: high-quality early learning; stronger and more diverse schools; and increased access to evidence and data to drive informed decision-making and better results for students.

Toggle navigation U. Student Loans Grants Laws Data. Equity of Opportunity. How Do I Find? Information AboutThis is a mandatory posting for all employers in Louisiana, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions. This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster discusses discrimination and how it is illegal for employers to discriminate against employees and to make employment decisions based on discrimination.

If an employee feels discriminated against the poster also lists where to file a complaint. LA All-In-One Labor Poster: Instead of printing out dozens of posters, employers can also purchase an all-in-one poster that covers both Louisiana and Federal poster requirements by clicking here. It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. Please see the link below to download louisiana-equal-opportunity-ltr-color. There are an additional eleven optional and mandatory Louisiana labor law posters that may be relevant to your business.

Be sure to also print all relevant state labor law posters, as well as all mandatory federal labor law posters. View all 12 Louisiana labor law posters. Instead of printing out pages of mandatory Louisiana and Federal labor law posters, you can purchase a professional, laminated all-in-one labor law poster that guarantees compliance with all Louisiana and federal posting requirements.

Fully updated for ! This poster describes new laws that mandate paid leave for employees affected by the Coronavirus epidemic. While we do our best to keep our list of Louisiana labor law posters up to date and complete, we cannot be held liable for errors or omissions.

Is the poster on this page out-of-date or not working? Please let us know and we will fix it ASAP. You'll also get notified when new posters are available. Louisiana Equal Opportunity Printable. This poster download is provided as-is, with no warranty or guarantees. Please verify with Federal and Louisiana authorities to confirm that you are posting all of the correct and updated posters required for your type of business.

If you want to ensure that the posters you display are complete and up-to-date, we recommend a professional all-in-one poster with a compliance guarantee. Instead of printing out pages of mandatory Louisiana and Federal labor law posters, you can purchase a professional, laminated all-in-one labor poster. All-in-one labor law posters contain the latest version of every federal and state poster you need to guarantee compliance with all posting requirements.

This poster is professionally designed and laminated, and will protect employers from posting fines and employee disputes.Read more. February 10 to May You are submitting a poster? Brief, Tips and all you need to know Here. Stay at home and save lives. Active filters:. Fake News - Vision Call for Entries is open!

February 9th, Fake News - Vision. We wish all of our friends and followers a happy and healthy December 30th, As a small token of our appreciation for your support and patience with us we would like to offer you the first announcement of our topic for StandUp4HumanRights December 13th, Every year, sinceWe are celebrating December the 10th, the world Human Right day! This year, we are proud to install and host a huge giant Poster for tomorrow in and October 26th, At the start of the year we decided to skip our traditional poster contest and have a whole year dedicated to exhibitions showcasing the best of September 16th, This is an occasion for us to remind that we still need to talk about it!

Our last edition "A planet for tomorrow" has been exhibited in more than September 8th, World Literacy day. September 2nd, Our world population right now is around 7, One person out of 7 amongst us can't read and write!

This is people!

Poster on Equality for transgender - Humri Creativity

July 19th, Published in association with Comic Relief. A comprehensive resources pack covering the issues surrounding Inclusive Education — aimed at teachers, school governors and others. What does it Take? Mike Cole. They can be accessed below:.

Richard gave a keynote at the Conference and ran two workshops. July Tower Hamlets consultancy. Out of 98 schools and nursery schools 70 schemes were evaluated and a report prepared for schools and the Council. Each school had its scheme evaluated and comments made on how to improve it. This followed two training sessions one for primary and one for secondary schools.

In addition Richard visited 12 schools for half a day at their request to help develop their disability equality schemes. Two further essays on the history of the charity: DEE in DEE by Anna Sullivan. New document — Challenging Disablist Bullying in Schools. Young disabled People and bullying at school. Powerpoint presentation.

Two training courses aimed at educating teachers and staff on the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act Forty Five A4 Posters of historical and current disabled people whose lives have made a difference to the world and to society.

A workshop series developed for the Anti-Bullying Alliance. Films of the workshops below.

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